This Reviewer "Gets It"!

I love it when a reviewer of one of my books zeros right in on the reason, purpose, and point behind the text I wrote for the book. This statement from one review of Big Cat, Little Kitty illustrates what I mean:
"If I were reading this to a child, the catchphrase used "I am (insert name of cat) and this is MY (insert territory)" begs to be hammed up. Kitties have a lot of attitude, and this book captures that."
That is exactly what I was hoping would happen when I wrote the parallel descriptions of each cat. It's all about the attitude (or cattitude)! Whereas another reviewer complained that the cats seemed "possessive" -- as if that was a problem -- the reviewer quoted above sees the fun and humor that can be mined from this text when it is read aloud.

I do know that others besides this reviewer "got it." One of my friends uses special voices and dramatic emphasis while reading the book to his little boy. Part of the fun is kind of knowing/expecting what's coming, yet seeing that same "cattitude" in different types of cats in different settings.

So, thank you, Mr. (or Ms.) Reviewer! You made my day!

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